If only we had gotten xulrunner…

Then I would not have had to spend a good chunk of time this evening queuing up and babysitting rebuilds for the firefox update which was built earlier today. I think I got at least most of them done, though, so rawhide tomorrow should be okay dependency-wise unless I missed one.

There's always next time for xulrunner, though…

8 thoughts on “If only we had gotten xulrunner…”

  1. As a long time fan of Epiphany and maintainer of some Gecko-using packages in Fedora [1], I’d really love to see XULrunner as the default GRE for Fedora’s builds. I truly hope to see this for F9+. ๐Ÿ™‚

    [1] Thanks for bumping/rebuilding these, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Will xulrunner really solve this?

    Doesn’t xulrunner have the same ABI problems with security updates? I think the real solution would be to use a HTML library which actually cares about being used as a library, such as KHTML or WebKit, Mozilla’s stubborn refusal to keep a stable ABI for Gecko is what’s causing this pain.

  3. Re: Will xulrunner really solve this?

    Not really. As it turns out, the actual ABI has remained pretty constant for a while. The thing that breaks is that the libraries move with every update. And this is largely because upstream doesn’t want people linking with firefox (this is also why there’s not a firefox-libs subpackage). So it should be effective

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