Good and pretty laid-back weekend. Started off with dinner at Punjab on Friday night where I ate way too much Indian food. Then, we came home and watched Farce of the Penguins, which was actually somewhat disappointing. I had hoped for it to be funnier. Still, it was good for something light to watch. Yesterday, did some things with Kara's family as well as the mundane things which have to be done such as grocery shopping, etc. Today, got in a nice 50 mile ride this morning and then went and ran some more errands including picking up a new light for my bike which should help make my ride home a lot nicer.

Now, just catching up on some email and looking at a few things to get an early start on the week. Hopefully we'll get Fedora 8 wrapped up in pretty short order so I can start working on some new stuff šŸ™‚