Oh, and some links

Oh, and some links if you have a laptop and want to help out…

  • Torrent site — you can grab the latest live image from here. Testing from a live image is a great way to help ensure that you don't have changes that you've made locally to “fix” things up without getting the fixes into packages.
  • Quirk creation page — Hughsie's helpful site will help you through getting quirks that you can submit both for fixing suspend/resume on your machine as well as for keycodes. Send them to the upstream hal list so that they can be included there and then we'll just ensure that we have a very recent snapshot when finalizing the release
  • Bugzilla — and for the things you can't resolve with quirks, it's probably worth filing bugs. Don't count on the fact that someone else has the same machine as you and will file the problem. The only way that bugs are known is when they're filed