September 14, 2007

Busy (and productive) week. Fedora 8 Test 2 came out and I managed to get to spend most of the week actually working on fixing up a variety of bugs across things. Also spent some good quality time with bugzilla trying to get my bug lists back under control. Feel like I made pretty good progress there, although there's always more to be done.

Then, took today off so that I could run some errands and get ready before my big ride tomorrow. At about 6 am, I head out from downtown Boston towards the end of Cape Cod. 125 miles, one day (… we'll see how many hours). Should be a good time and it's for a good cause. Have my fingers crossed that the weather forecasters are wrong and there won't be much rain to speak of. But even then, they're only calling for scattered showers which isn't too bad to deal with. But now, to pack up and then get to bed early so that I can actually have enough hours of sleep to wake up on time in the morning.