Weekend and this week

Had a pretty good weekend. Kara was working late on Friday, so I did some straightening up around the house and took a look at the Metroid Prime 3 preview channel on the Wii. That was enough to get me to want to break Metroid Prime 2 back out. I had gotten stuck with the stupid spider ball boss and got frustrated with it, but with Metroid Prime 3 looming, I figured it was worth trying again. Spent some time mostly just refamiliarizing myself with how the game worked.

Over the rest of the weekend, got in some riding (60-ish miles both days), played a really cool board game (Betrayal at House on the Hill) with and ), played some more Metroid, read a bit and just otherwise relaxed. Oh, and managed to get in the useful things like grocery shopping.

Today's been busy and the rest of the week looks like it's going to be the same. Spent a fair bit of time working on a presentation for the Virtual FudCon on presto. But, managed to get some other bits done too… laid some groundwork for better supporting specspo from pirut (and yum), made anaconda dynamically figure out the file list for the theme and figured out what was breaking live CD composes.

Next for the week….
Next on the list is getting a bunch of patches merged into livecd-creator. First up is probably Colin's patches to make the various desktop-y live configs share a lot more by using %include. Then, I need to get dwmw2's code for ppc support merged in. I also have to look over the turboLiveinst patch from Douglas McClendon and get some tests with it. And finally, there are some patches outstanding from kanarip that I'm hoping will get cleaned up and into the tree. Hopefully by merging all kinds of stuff, things won't break too much for test2, but there's still some time for testing prior to then. If all goes according to plan, I'll be able to get out a set of images built with most of the big changes merged later this week.

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  1. Oh yeah, forgot about them. Yeah, I’ll try to get them in also. I think I’m going to do some restructuring such that neither yours nor dwmw2’s changes apply directly, but I should be able to get them going. Testing sparc on the other hand, will have to be all you 😉

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