Click, click, click

What's that? Oh yeah, it's the sound that my laptop hard drive started making yesterday. *sigh* Just to add to the fun, no errors had been shown by smart and even today after the drive wouldn't boot at all, smartctl didn't show any errors with a short self-test. The long one eventually did, though. Luckily, the drive was still alive enough yesterday that I could pull a last ditch backup of anything that I didn't happen to have. Now I just get to wait for a new hard drive to come in. While waiting for that, I'm just using one of the random QA laptops with a USB key with a live image of my own creation. It's actually a pretty reasonable environment, especially given that I hacked in a mount of an encrypted /home so that I can have bookmarks and some persistent storage. Still not quite the same as running on my normal environment, although it really does work shockingly well. Would be good to get to where doing this isn't a big deal — definitely would be something that I think a lot of people could be interested in.

Otherwise, been busy working on a variety of different things. Have most of the changes in place so that anaconda can create its second stage images using yum and a little bit of ldd smarts rather than doing rpm2cpio on a list of packages plus a keep list of files. I've also spent a fair bit of time working on getting the presto code into a bit better shape so that we can hopefully include it and enable it by default for Fedora 8. Also continue to do miscellaneous fixes across things that I'm running across just in my regular running of the rawhide tree. I think I've most accurately described my current working habits as “acts of random” 🙂

And then, of course, I've been riding a lot. The weather in the Boston area continues to be gorgeous — there have been some warm days and some rainy days, but overall, there's really nothing at all to complain about. I've been trying to get in 100-120 miles a weekend so that I can be prepared for the Seacoast Safari which I'm doing in a few weeks. It's a ride along the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine coasts to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Should be a fun ride, although I really need to get on with my fund-raising a little bit better.

But, now to try and see what I can get done for the evening.