April (Snow) Showers Bring May Flowers?

Snowed today. The sleet this morning was a sufficient double take but then looked out the window later in the afternoon and saw the snow coming down. Decent sized flakes and rate too. Not super large accumulations, but a couple inches probably fell. Not at all what I expect for April. Hopefully (and it looks promising) the weather will clear up and be a bit nicer for the weekend.

Meanwhile, work on cleanups and bug fixes for the live CD bits continue. Installations should now be able to work regardless of whether you're booted from the CD, chose the “run from RAM” option or have put the image on a USB stick and have booted from it. Need to spend some time tomorrow to help make sure we don't overwrite the USB stick at install-time. It's definitely coming along though and is likely to be one of the early interests with Fedora 7. And the other nice thing is that the tool is getting pretty robust to where it's not that difficult to create your own live CDs for whatever your specific purpose might be.