This way springs comes


Spring is on its way and this weekend showed some of the first signs of it. Saturday was a really nice day, in the 50s, sunny and clear. Took advantage of the nice weather to get out for a good ride where we did much more of the full loop, getting in a good 50 miles. It felt pretty good and some of the hills that we hit seemed much less large than they were last year. So hopefully that should translate into further improvements as the year goes on towards the big rides I'm planning this year.

Then, in typical New England fashion, it snowed some Saturday night. *sigh* But, I think that it should be pretty much behind us at this point and the weather should just be on a bit of an upward swing.


Thus far this week has been a lot of live CD stuff. Or, more accurately, live image stuff. Quite a bit of testing and composing back and forth, etc. One of the big challenges that we have for the live image is fitting on a CD. We're sort of there for the purposes of Fedora 7, but it's going to be a bit of a never-ending thing. I really think that longer term, we're going to have to be okay with it being an image that requires a DVD to burn to (this doesn't mean that the image is 4 gigs).

While all of that was going on, I sat down to work on taking the live image and transfer it to a USB key and make that key bootable. The most important thing to me here was doing it in a way that doesn't destroy any data you may already have there. This ruled out any sort of dd solution like we do for the diskboot.img. A script seemed to be the best solution and the nice thing is that no real changes were needed for the live CD infrastructure itself. So with the Test3 live CD, you'll be able to install the livecd-tools package and run this script to set up your USB key as a bootable live image. It's impressive and quite a bit faster than from a CD. So hopefully that will be something that people will appreciate and make good use of.

The next big thing on the live front (although not for Fedora 7) will be a way to handle persistent data for your live image. Once we do that, things will get a lot cooler and the idea of just taking your Fedora system and session with you gets to be a real possibility.

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