Fedora 7 Test 2

My posting these days seems mostly around when a notable Fedora event happens. Which, it's that time again I guess. Another month, another Fedora test release. The package set on the media looks a bit more familiar this time as opposed to the desktop only run with test1. Also, more of the features are starting to fall into place and feel closer to feature complete. With the recent schedule change, we have a little bit more time to try to finish up some final loose ends. In test2, some of the things to check out include:

  • Live CD continues to move along. The big changes from the live CD in test1 are that we're using isolinux instead of grub for booting and more of the PATA cd drive bits should work. This is definitely an area that could stand to have more testing, though. So download it and try it out. And the excuse of “I can't blow away my machine” just doesn't apply for the live CD unless you try out the install feature (which you can find under Applications->System->Install to hard drive)
  • Fast user switching has started to land in Fedora. This will be great for people who share the use of a machine with someone else as they can have separate users and not have to log out. The bits have all been present, but things are all being integrated so that it can Just Work ™ out of the box. davidz has been doing a lot of work here and it's coming along quite nicely.
  • Lots of yum changes. The big thing has been getting depsolving done without requiring headers and that's been a bit more work than I think anyone expected. By doing this, we should be able to make some nice speed benefits by just being a little bit smarter on what data we use. And we don't have to download headers. Thus far, though, the focus has been on correctness. So speed is to come.
  • The start of supporting media for pirut, etc. This was blocked a bit by the fact that headers were used for depsolving because you really don't want to prompt the user to change CDs 20 times as you try to resolve deps. This is in test2, but requires a little bit of manual setup right now; basically just add a mediaid= line to your repo config with the first line from the .discinfo file of your CD. This manual step should hopefully go away for test3
  • More support for more virtualization. The virtualization world isn't just Xen anymore. So, libvirt and virt-manager now also support qemu and kvm. This is pretty nice for a user and will continue to get better.
  • Other stuff I'm not thinking of. It's hard to keep up with everything these days…