Jury Duty

Through some process, I managed to get pulled today for jury duty. Not necessarily what I needed when I was already behind on what I wanted to get done this week, but there's not much you can do about it really.

So, woke up early this morning and headed down to the Cambridge courthouse. Given exactly where it is, I decided the best way to get there would be via bike and that actually worked very nicely. If only the office were close enough that I could do that on a regular basis. But got there by 8, checked in and then we got to watch an orientation video. Then, we were told that we had a break and to be back at 10. So, I grabbed a snack and sat down to work (glad I brought my laptop). At 10:20, we were ushered back into the assembly hall and told that there weren't any cases needing jurors today. For the three courts — one had no cases today, one had both of its cases settled and the third had one settle and the other wasn't going to be ready for jurors today.

Quite awesome. So, since I was in the area, I decided to crash the OLPC office and work from there for today. They're pretty nice… spacious, lots of openness and some good views. Spent some time working on cleaning up some of the things around additional repos so that, eg, Extras can be available by default and some other little anaconda things. Then, my laptop battery ran out (I didn't think I'd get a full day of work in), so I headed home and have been just trying to deal with some similar things and mail and the like.

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  1. And now that you’ve been called once, it’s unlikely you will ever be called again in your life. 🙂 Well, as long as you’re a MA resident, anyway. I forget on which official page I read that statistic, but it made me pretty happy, especially after how hellacious my own Cambridge Courthouse jury duty experience was.

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