Test 2 out

Fedora Core 6 Test 2 is finally available. It felt a bit like it took forever to get this one out, partially because it did I guess. Once we decided it was good to go, I sat down and spent some time on pygrub again — as more people are using Xen, more people are noticing the holes in its functionality (“what, you want to actually be able to pass kernel arguments that aren't in the grub.conf? bah!”) so I figured I'd flesh them out a bit. Ended up being kind of a fun little change of pace, even if it did remind me of why I hate curses.

Over the weekend, mostly got out and rode quite a bit. Did the full loop on Saturday and about half of it on Sunday. Feeling pretty good for the Red Ribbon Ride this weekend. Figure I'll try to get out for a short ride a few mornings this week, but nothing at all big.

Also, one of the people that does the ride from the bike shop I go from actually sat down and mapped out the route on bikely.

2 thoughts on “Test 2 out”

  1. I made a very simple patch for the xenguest install python script. I kept getting errors telling me that ftp mirror sites were not valid urls. After looking into it I found they were valide but when using my browser I was pushing my connection limit. By passing the stack trace information to the user they can see excatly why the url didn’t work (IE: Too many connections, etc..). You can grab the simple patch from my blog (http://gnulinux.net/blog/index.php?blog=2&title=usr_sbin_xenguest_install_py_patch_for_b&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#comments)

  2. Thanks — I’ve applied this to my working copy of xenguest-install (I’ve been reworking a lot of it so that it can be more useful with things like virt-manager)

    Note that in the future, bugzilla is a much better way to get things like this included 🙂

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