Making a Difference

One thing that is a big part of open source is making a difference. Working on software that you know other people will use and find helpful that will make a difference for them. Helping to improve the experience of users everywhere. Helping that one person who emails you asking for help with something and getting them through it. All parts of what makes working on open source fun.

In a similar vein, I've been training this summer to take part in the Mass Red Ribbon Ride. This is a 175 mile charity bike ride across Massachusetts to raise awareness as well as funds for AIDS organizations in the state. The funds go for a variety of purposes from research to helping those afflicted to helping educate the public via outreach programs. It's a good cause and from all that I've heard, an enjoyable ride as well. I'm looking forward to riding in it. If you're interested in helping to support my efforts, no amount is too small and it would be greatly appreciated.

On the Fedora front, we continue to work towards freezing test2. Xen continues to be a little bit of a sticking point. As of now, we are in a day for day slip until we have working Xen. I expect that we'll go to a more locked down slush where changes prior to test2 need to be approved before being allowed in. That will help us to minimize the testing time needed once we do have all the Xen bits working. I still hold out some hope for things working within a day or three which could still get test2 available the beginning of next week. But we'll just have to wait and see how things fall out.

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  1. It’s basically “going to 2.6.18-rc breakage” :/ Juan has at least managed to get through the merge pain and so we’re too more discrete problems like “guests crash” which start to actually feel like you can get somewhere.

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