Back in the swing of things

Have had a pretty busy, though also productive, week since returning from the Summit. I spent a good chunk of Sunday trying to churn through my mail and bugzilla backlog to reply to things and ensure that everything was in good shape. I've also spent a good chunk of the week on doing that. But, that's the less interesting part probably.

Tuesday, I decided to spend some time on getting puplet running. And it looks like that'll be able to land in test1 next week with a pretty cool set of features. You'll be able to have the sort of traditional “just notify me when updates are available” at which point, you can run pup or yum manually. A second mode will notify you instead once the updates are downloaded to your local machine. The third mode will automatically install the updates. The configuration for which mode is taken is done by root for the entire machine and the applet then interacts accordingly with all of the communication over dbus. And, there's work to get some new icons so that I don't end up using the flashy, blinky, make people angry exclamation point đŸ™‚

Yesterday, we finally had a few of the Intel Mac Minis arrive. I unpacked one and started working on getting them going for Fedora. Given that I'd heard that Ubuntu worked on them, I tried to do an Ubuntu install first (after getting BootCamp installed). That worked out … less than well. So, returning it to the scratch state time. I proceeded to spend a while on installing OS/X in different ways and having Boot Camp yell at me afterwards. Finally, right before going to bed, I got to where I at least had some Fedora bits on the disk, even though I couldn't boot them yet. This morning, I succeeded in getting the boot going and I've now integrated all of the things which I did by hand into anaconda. Which means that rawhide of tomorrow should actually be able to do something on the Intel Macs… there are some caveats, but the basics are there and written up on the wiki. I will warn that this is very early and has chances of destroying your existing OS/X install or potentially even bricking your machine. But, I figure getting the information out is a good first step. Hopefully I'll be able to fix the two worst of the caveats this weekend so that they're not as likely to bite you if you try it with test1 (which it's probably worth waiting for unless you really like the bleeding edge)

Overall, a pretty productive week. Especially given the number of meetings that I also had going on. I'll probably end up doing a little bit over the weekend as we lead up to the freeze but I'm also hoping to just have some down time. Left on my todo list before the freeze on Wednesday is cleaning up a few of the Mactel caveats, actually landing puplet, and merging in some patches to support root on iscsi.