Home Again

Made it home last night, remarkably without flight delay to speak of. The latter half of the Summit was good as well — my presentation on Fedora went well even though one person apparently got up and left, mad that I was talking without slides. Everyone else seemed to be pretty happy with it, though. All the rest of the keynotes have been pretty well covered by others, so I'll just leave it to their wrapups. Keep an eye on the Summit video page for them to start showing up there — right now, there's just Matthew's keynote, but I expect the others to be going up as they're converted.

So, overall thoughts on this year… I think that things went really well. There were a few areas that I was worried about, but I shouldn't have been. There really is a top-notch team of people working to put the event together. The food this year wasn't quite up to last year, but I think that's more due to difference in food between New Orleans and Nashville than anything else. Everyone that I talked to around the conference seemed to be enjoying themselves and said that it was definitely worth it. Which I definitely like seeing. If you were there and *didn't* think so, please, let someone know what we could have done for it to have been better.

Outside of what was done and what the presentations were, etc, the quality of the attendees was top-notch as well. Lots of really insightful questions, even some that were hard to answer. And it was good to meet some people whom I've talked with over the years and yet still not met in person. I was constantly having good conversations with people at the various evening events, between talks, etc. And I think that's sort of the theme — good conversation, good people. Here's to next year whereever it ends up being