Another Day at the Summit

Well, technically the first day I guess. But I maintain that yesterday counts šŸ™‚ The morning started off well, if a little early for my taste with Matthew's keynote. Everyone else has really gone into detail on that and the things which were unveiled, so I'm not going to repeat them. Then, Richard Wirt from Intel spoke a bit about the advances they're making. The best part of his keynote was the tidbit that Intel is now using Fedora as their development platform. Always a nice thing to see.

But then what I predict as the best talk of the Summit, Cory Doctrow (fellow of the EFF and now science fiction writer) gave a keynote on Digital Rights Management. The dangers here are very very real and I hope that we make the video available for everyone to be able to see. He did a good job of tying back to the history of music and copyright law and how various innovations over the past hundred or so years have been initially challenged and yet eventually led to changes in copyright law to allow for technology which benefits the consumer. The dangerous thing now is technology companies being on the side opposite that of the user in trying to control what can be done with the content. Thus, there's not the strong advocate which has traditionally been present. All in all, an awesome talk and in talking with Cory some both afterwards and later this evening, he's a very interesting guy.

Otherwise, today was the Fedora BOF (already covered by speed-blogger Max), a good dinner and generally trying to talk to as many people as possible.

Tomorrow is lots more talking with people, my presentation on Fedora where I will continue in my quest to eradicate the slide deck, and the big party of the show. And, maybe I'll try to drop in on a talk or two by other people. Unfortunately, with nine tracks of talks, the hard thing is conflicts — there were a few things I would have gone to see except for the fact that they conflicted with the BOF. And for other time slots, I tend to get caught up talking with someone about something and then feel bad about walking in late.