LiveCDs and a puplet sighting

Things continue to move forward and as we get closer to the freeze for FC6 test1, things continue to get a bit more hectic. The fact that I'll be at the Red Hat Summit next week doesn't really help. But it'll be good to do that. If you're there, look me up

In between getting settled into my new place and reading mail, I've been trying to really push forward a few things so that they can be in shape for FC6 test1.

The first of these is actually spending a little bit more time on the live CD pieces and integrating with some of the stateless work. That's actually coming along slowly but surely. Unfortunately, there are still some (fairly glaring) problems in the distro where things don't work well in a stateless/live CD like environment. The most obvious is with the xorg.conf, but is on the case of fixing that within X. Hopefully we'll be able to at least have something passable for test1 for X even if it's just using vesa. Other things that could noticably need some help are

  • It'd be nice to get to where we do the firstboot config things at live CD creation time. Especially for things like users. Other bits of firstboot might make sense to do at CD boot time.
  • We should move towards using NetworkManager by default. While we want to do this in the general case, it's even more critically important for live CD.
  • Working in a nice splash screen for the isolinux bootloader used on the CD would be good. We already have one that's used for the installation CDs and using the same for the live CD isn't unreasonable. There's some work for this in kadischi, but it probably would be good to get into booty instead
  • The code in booty for isolinux doesn't handle Xen kernels right now. Should be pretty straightforward to add

If you're interested in helping out with any of these, hop onto fedora-livecd-list or find me on IRC.

The other thing I've been spending a fair bit of actual coding time on is puplet, the new and improved applet to let you know about updates. Seth did some work on a backend daemon which has made it pretty easy to sit an applet to get information. I'm hoping to spend some time on that this afternoon and actually get to where some of the cooler things (such as automatic updates or even just automatic downloading of updates and only notifying you when everything is ready to go) are in place. Then, we'll just want a better set of images than the ones which were used for the old rhn-applet 🙂

2 thoughts on “LiveCDs and a puplet sighting”

  1. “We should move towards using NetworkManager by default”

    > We should move towards using NetworkManager by default

    Interesting. Moving things out of console into a gui seems a strange idea to me.

    How will this affect RHEL?

  2. Re: “We should move towards using NetworkManager by default”

    The underlying parts of NetworkManager don’t require any sort of GUI — it’s just that right now there’s no good way to do system settings and have it DTRT outside of when a user is logged in. This is one of the targets for fixing during this devel cycle

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