13 May 2006

If you sent me mail and I haven't replied, worry not, I'll get to it. But with moving, I haven't really had a lot of time for sitting down and reading through (and replying) to mail. I'm starting to sit down and attack a mailbox at a time, but it's kind of slow going, especially as I'm still trying to get more unpacking done. Next week is going to be a fun batch of catching up.

New house is nice, though. The movers did a great job and the house is great. Need to finish assembling the stuff from IKEA (the two easy pieces are done, now to do the things which require more than one person) so that we can finish unpacking stuff for the bedroom and hopefully get the number of boxes down to near zero by the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, doesn't look like I'm going to end up doing my usual weekend bike riding as the weather is a bit too rainy for me to be very motivated on that front — although I want to go out, I really just don't feel like getting soaked.