7 May 2006

Also known as “T-minus 2 days til closing” or “T-minus 3 days til moving”. That probably gives a good idea of what my weekend has been like 🙂 Making good progress on getting things boxed up and, perhaps as importantly, getting stuff to throw out. When I moved into this place a year ago, I threw some stuff out. But I've decided to really cut out a lot of the crap this time. If it's clothing and it's not worn anymore, it can go to Good Will or the like (or the trash if it's in bad shape), if it's books and they're not read anymore, they can go in the box for the library. If it's a box to something that I don't really need to keep anymore, it can go in the trash. This way, I can have more room in the new house to fill up with random stuff.

Also have managed to do some things other than packing. Got in a good bike ride both yesterday morning and this morning. Felt that was relatively required given the absolutely beautiful weather (70s yesterday, mid 60s today and sunny for both). And it was good to get out for a bit. Tonight, had a good dinner with Paul and Lisa and then hung out for a bit in their non-box crowded place/

The work week looks to be frazzled, given that I'll only be around for two days. So, we'll see what I can actually manage to look at. Probably need to do a pass through the SoC submissions since I haven't done so since the beginning of last week as well as various other random non-code stuff. Do need to be sure to take a look at skvidal's work on the backend code for the new update applet. Probably need to at least do the outline for my Red Hat Summit presentation on Fedora as well.