3 May 2006

A mix of stuff this week, including a metric ton of mail. For some reason or other, there have been a couple of really big, ugly threads that I've been involved in for one reason or another.

But, have been making some progress on some of the Xen cleanups I wanted and trying to just clean up that whole interface. While I still complain about xend, it's really far better these days than it used to be and going through and making changes only makes me wince a little 🙂 Hopefully this will help to make things better for a variety of ways that people want to boot Xen guests.

In between that, I've also made some cleanups in anaconda to try to make the bootloader code fall out a little bit cleaner for the live CD case. I'm not entirely happy with how that currently looks, but it's something that'll work and that was the more important point to get to first. I need to sit down and integrate some more of the later Kadischi improvements from when I started my branch. Also, need to get something in place so that X startup with a live CD can work. Then, starting to think about if we want to have an official test live CD to correspond with FC6 test1. I kind of think so even if that does currently involve some challenges.

Really need to try do some packing for the move tonight, though instead of work and Fedora stuff. Otherwise, next week could be “interesting”, but not in a good way. And I'd rather spend tonight (when the weather is kind of crappy) doing so than waiting until this weekend when it looks like the weather might again be very nice.