1 May 2006

Relatively relaxing weekend overall. My parents flew up on Friday, so picked them up at the airport. Had dinner and watched Good Night, and Good Luck. Dinner was good, though the service was a little lacking. The movie was quite good, though. Ended up heading to bed a little on the early side.

Saturday morning, woke up and headed out to the new house to show my parents and also take some pictures and measurements. All of the work is done now, so it was nice to see everything coming together. I'm really looking forward to getting in next week and moving, even though moving will (as always) be a pain. After that, headed down to IKEA as my parents had never been and it's time for me to get a new chest of drawers. Hours later, we emerged victorious and with a pile of stuff set to be delivered next week. Which means next weekend will be “put together lots of furniture” weekend I think 🙂

Then, yesterday, had breakfast and dropped my parents back off at the airport. Lazed around the house some, watched some TV, and went out for a good bike ride. All in all, nothing to really complain about for the weekend.

This week will hopefully be spent on some live CD and Xen stuff. And maybe a little bit of installer stuff just for good measure.