25 April 2006

Another week of being somewhat productive, at least so far. Made some more progress the end of last week on the live CD stuff and went ahead and set up a mercurial repository to make it easier for others to get at it.

This was especially important as I'm trying to spend this week working on Xen stuff as much as possible. For better or for worse, I've pretty much neglected looking at anything Xen since before the FC5 release. So, started poking at things to make it easier to use libvirt for things instead of depending as much on xm — this will make it a bit easier as more tools are built up to have consistent interfaces rather than shelling out to xm all the time. Going to dig into some more things (including trying to improve the SELinux policy around xend) over the course of the rest of the week.

Also, over the weekend, I finally broke down and picked up an ipod. My iRiver iHP-120 has served me well now for 2.5 years, but the 20 gig capacity was just getting to be too limiting 🙁 Giving money to Apple isn't high on my list of things to like doing, but looking at the market, they really do have the most compelling product. Especially given the pretty good support for running rockbox on them now. Unfortunately, accessories which use the dock interface won't work with rockbox yet as no one's written a serial driver for the 5g ipods. I expect that won't be too long in coming, though, at which point I'll be able to just run rockbox all the time.