20 April 2006

Have actually started making some progress on a few things this week. Spent some time working on a few of the yum bugs which have been reported, especially the problems with proxies. I'm going to join the rest of the world in hating HTTP proxies at this point I think. But, should be fixed up — test package here. Hopefully we'll get yum 2.6.1 out by the beginning of next week and then I'll get that pushed as an update for FC5.

Also managed to get some live CD stuff together and sent out a link to the fedora-livecd-list. Now I need to get it into a repository and then start using the new readonly-root stuff that Bill committed today. With this in place, we should be able to actually have the infrastructure in a fashion that it's less likely to bit-rot. One of the big remaining nasties for live CD is that we'd really like to have SELinux — anyone want to volunteer to work on xattr support for squashfs? 🙂

Finally, spent some time tonight working on fixing some things up for my laptop. With the ahci suspend/resume patch and a little bit of finagling with 915resolution (which I should get around to packaging for Extras I guess), hibernate is now working. Sleep (s3) is hitting weird timeouts, but that seems to be more generally reported with 2.6.17-rc — there are a few possible fixes floating around that I'm going to try looking into tomorrow or over the weekend. I also need to try anholt's modesetting i810 driver to avoid the need for 915resolution.

All in all, it's good to be getting stuff done again as opposed to a week of meetings.