14 April 2006

So much for getting work done this week. I had forgotten that a lot of people were going to be in the office for various meetings, and that ended up being a pretty good time sink. Well, that's not entirely true. I did spend some time yesterday on going through the bugs which have been filed against pirut and trying to triage them a bit. Also fixed up a lot of the silly little things while I was at it. Still need to figure out what's going on with proxies since they're apparently still a little broken. *sigh*

Did try out the new real transparent terminal stuff yesterday (it's present in today's devel tree). Impressively, the performance really doesn't suffer on my i945 laptop.

obligatory screenshot
Obligatory screenshot

Three day weekend for now. We'll see what that means as far as what I end up doing.

6 thoughts on “14 April 2006”

  1. AIGLX, with metacity compositing, I presume?

    I’d love to try it out myself, but can’t seem to get it to work. The stuff on the wiki is hopelessly outdated by now.

    Do you know if there is any support for Radeon drivers yet? Proprietary or OSS?

  2. Re: AIGLX, with metacity compositing, I presume?

    You basically need the X stack from the development tree plus new versions of metacity, vte and gnome-terminal. Once you have those installed, be sure to enable the composite extension and things should work.

    I didn’t try the terminal bits on my workstation with a radeon before leaving yesterday, but in general, things do work with the xorg radeon drivers if your card is supported for DRI. Strangely, radeon seems slower than i945, though.

  3. Re: AIGLX, with metacity compositing, I presume?

    So after enabling the composite extension, HOW? do you turn on the transparency? With transset or some keyboard/mouse combination?

  4. Re: AIGLX, with metacity compositing, I presume?

    You just use the transparency settings within gnome-terminal that are already there — they just start doing something “real” now instead of blitting the background only.

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