San Francisco, LinuxWorld, FUDCon, and life

Trip to San Francisco went pretty well. We walked a lot, saw lots of stuff and had some good food. Unfortunately, the weather didn't entirely cooperate as it continued through something like 30 days of straight rain. Pretty relaxing, though. Have a fair number of pictures, some taken by me and some taken by Kara, that I need to put up when I get a chance at some point this week. Probably the most interesting site we saw was the Cable Car museum. Neat to be able to see how they work.

We were supposed to come back on Monday on a 1 pm flight that was to get back to Boston at 9:30 or so. We got to the airport a little early to have a chance to eat lunch and discovered that our flight had been delayed by about 4 hours. So managed to get standby on the flight that was going to be taking off in half an hour even with getting stopped by security. Overall, good to narrowly avoid a 5 hour flight delay. Especially as we had our house inspection at 8:30 on Tuesday morning.

After we did that, I headed into town to man the Fedora booth at LinuxWorld. Lots of interest in DVDs which of course didn't show up until Wednesday. But good to get to meet with people and talk to lots of folks. There's lots of good interest in Fedora out there. LinuxWorld as a whole was kind of disappointing, though… things have definitely changed and if it weren't for the fact that the show was literally just a matter of hopping on the train, I wouldn't be very likely to go.

Friday brought the second FUDCon in Boston at BU. Thanks again to their hospitality and help in getting stuff set up. Overall, I think things there went pretty well. Had some good presentations and conversations at various points in time about Fedora stuff and pretty good energy. At the last minute, I changed from talking about Xen to actually having an interactive discussion about Fedora Core 6 and schedule and some potential features. I'll be getting that up on the wiki tomorrow and sending a link out to the world.

Then, this weekend was catch up with being basically out of the house for most of two weeks as well as churning through the mail backlog. Still have bugzilla mail and another one or two lists, but managed to do pretty well. So hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of things as they're sent now. Hopefully I'll actually be able to get some work done this week between meetings, house stuff and just the general grind of being back in the office for the first time in nearly two weeks.