Slow Sundays

It's a slow Sunday with nowhere to go, snow falling and chili cooking on the stove. Managed to get the errands I needed to get done this weekend yesterday, so don't have to worry about anywhere to go today. So, we've been sitting around and watching some of the Olympics. I am a little annoyed with some of the drop outs in the HD feeds — yesterday, I was willing to place the blame on the local NBC affiliate, but today I've had problems on Universal HD which makes me think it might be more the fault of the feeds. And now, to watch some of movies from Netflix.

9 thoughts on “Slow Sundays”

  1. That’s interesting–we were having problems with the HD NBC channels ourselves. We were blaming Comcast. I’m still inclined to blame them since our internet service has been hiccupping as well. But, hrm…

    That said, I’m jealous you’ve got Universal HD.

  2. If you have Comcast and HD, you probably have Universal HD. They’ve added it with little fanfare for the period of the Olympics to pretty much all of their markets.

  3. Yeah, they’ve been very poor about letting people know. I saw only because I end up reading posts over on the HD forums at avsforum. It looks like UHD is 250 on Comcast for the Baltimore area. 🙂

  4. Us three. Well, they’re not exactly droupouts, they’re crazy fucks-ups of the picture the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Drove me nuts last night trying to watch figure skating.

  5. I was watching the Olympics yesterday on regular NBC (off-the-air), but the local affiliate in North Carolina put up a scroll saying the HD dropouts were a result of failures in the New York source of the feed. So I think that explains why people all over the place are seeing them.

    Is this the first Olympics in HD? Does NBC have any other HD programming? I almost never watch them…

  6. The 2004 Olympics at least were in HD as well. Not sure about before that.

    And as with all of the major networks these days, pretty much all of NBC’s primetime line-up is in HD as well as any sports coverage they end up having, so it’s not inexperience with HD in general.

  7. Yay for snow! At least when you don’t have to go anywhere. I’ll have to check out the Olympics, I didn’t know they’d already started.

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