Quick recap

Busy, busy… I'll do a quick recap of the past couple of weeks in list form…

  • Fedora Core 5 Test2 was released. This led to lots of mail and a fair bit of bug fixing needing to be done
  • Spent a few days in Austin for the Xen Summit. Talked with people about a variety of Xen related things as well as demo'd some cool proof of concept guest install stuff. Also, two days in airports/on planes :-/
  • and were in town last weekend. Was good to get to see them and did some of the various tourist-y things. Climbed to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument (294 steps), saw QRIO and the Star Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science, and just some general wandering around. Was good to have them around to do stuff with for a few days
  • Had a few days of internal meetings since we had most of our virtualization folks in town
  • Working on trying to finish up some of the package selection changes for anaconda and even hooked up some stuff for text mode
  • Some prodding at setup for fully virtualized guests under Xen using VT capable hardware
  • Put up some basic instructions on how to get guest installs working “nicely” for FC5 with some help from a few folks internally and some of the changes to my previous document for FC4
  • One of Kara's friends is in town this weekend, so more of that sort of stuff

There was probably some other stuff in there, but I'm not remembering it at this point.

This week, we'll hopefully be closing in on things for the test3 freeze and then the final stretch going into Fedora Core 5's release. One thing which is somewhat troubling from a schedule perspective is that we need to do another rebuild due to some changes in the toolchain. Hopefully that will go relatively smoothly, but these things never do. At this point, we're going to do everything we can to hold to the schedule.

On the Xen front, I'm working on trying to merge Anthony Liguori's patches to add a graphical framebuffer for paravirtualized guests. This should help a lot in making installs of guests even more transparent.