Alas, this week hasn't quite gone how I planned. Some laptop troubles and some problems with a server at work have kept the week from being quite as productive as I wanted. Thus, I don't have the system-config-packages stuff _quite_ landed in rawhide. I'm pretty close at this point, though. I need to spend a little bit of time fixing up one important detail and then I can just do the necessary mechanics to actually get it building as a package. Then, I'll work on finishing some of the new pieces of functionality that we haven't really provided before. Also want to sit down with jrb for at least a basic UI run-through. Also, probably need some basic graphics work… as much fun as my placeholders are, I probably shouldn't be allowed to use the gimp 😉

One nice thing is that I've taken several things used by pup and made them more generic so that they can be used by both. I probably won't quite get that done in time for test2, but I should land it right after. The big advantage here is that bug fixes or changes will only need to be done once as opposed to in a lot of different places as well as improving the overall consistency of our package tools.

In the bigger picture of FC5 test2, I think we're pretty much on (the new) schedule at this point. There's one pretty nasty kernel bug that hits CD installs but there's a pretty easy workaround we can put in the kernel. Unfortunately, the same problem existed with test1 and just never had the right cycles applied towards tracking down and coming up with the real fix :-/ Otherwise, things seem to be mostly in shape — need to do some broader based sanity checking the first of the week, but I'm not that worried.

On the downside, the current kernel-xen-hypervisor packages aren't working for me, so I haven't been able to get any further with the nice script/UI for doing installs to Xen guests. I think I'm mostly to where I have code that should work, I just need to be able to test it. So need to do some more investigation into that too.