Back home after some traveling over the holidays. Didn't really get any of the work I was going to try to get done finished up, but that's okay — it was vacation 😉

Spent a few days at my parents' which was pretty laid back. Then, we headed up to Raleigh to see folks and ring in the new year. It was good to see everyone and hit a few places that I hadn't been in a while. Thanks to everyone who showed up some hospitality.

Then, yesterday we drove back. We started to hit rain just before Baltimore and that continued for the rest of the drive :-/ Also, managed to hit some snow in Eastern CT and through Massachusetts. Nothing too bad, though. Got in around 10:30 last night and basically crashed. Today is going to be catching up on stuff (… mostly there already) and then trying to actually get some stuff done.

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  1. I know… I was going to try to get to the party Drew threw, but we ended up playing 90s Trivial Pursuit for waaaayyy too long. But it looks like we’re probably going to take a trip to SF sometime in the next few months. I’ll definitely let you know when I know more

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