Busy, busy, busy… last week ended up having an unexpected trip to North Carolina as my grandmother passed away over the weekend before. Given that, flew down for the funeral and to help my mom out a bit.

This week is off to a better start. Yesterday, started preparing for moving cubes and also caught up a bit on mail and bugzilla. I've been trying to help Thorsten work through some issues to get a fuse package in shape for Extras so that people can take advantage of it.

I also went ahead and added my nifty new yum plugin to the yum package in rawhide. One of the most common problems which newer users have is running out of space due to the sheer volume of kernel updates. Unfortunately, doing an upgrade of the kernel package instead of an install has other downsides (think of, eg, the new kernel failing to boot as well as wanting to load modules for the running kernel later). So I implemented a plugin which keeps around n of any packages marked as installonly instead of an infinite number. The default number to keep at this point is 2, but that may change. If you're using yum 2.4.0 on FC 4, you can actually grab the plugin from here and drop it in /usr/lib/yum-plugins. Then, create an /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/installonlyn.conf which contains:


Last night, I spent some time working on cleaning up a few pup things. I managed to find a few bugs while running it with a big set of updates, so cleaned those up. I also finished the changes to do grouping of packages to install by src.rpm as opposed to listing every subpackage (for each arch) separately — generally speaking, the same src.rpm is going to be an interdependent set, so it's not really worth making you select/deselect each of them. I also started looking at cleaning up the translation side of things in its makefiles, but decided that was a bit larger task than I wanted to get into at midnight — hopefully I'll get back to it a little earlier tonight 🙂

Today has been the fun of moving cubes. I think that by the end of the afternoon, I'm getting settled in good and so I'm going to try to look at a few more things today both with Xen installs as well as some of the new package selection stuff in yum from seth.

4 thoughts on “375424”

  1. Have you thought about changing the logic to keep running kernel + all newer kernels?

    If you keep only two you run the risk of removing the running kernel, unless you’re careful about that case. Also, keeping all newer kernels is nice just in case the user has a problem with the latest and greatest problem, but one slightly older works for them. Keeping all newer kernels gives them more options than just the latest two.

  2. It actually special cases and always keeps the running kernel. Keeping everything between that and the newest is fairly non-useful as you haven’t booted into them so you have no clue at all if they work better or worse. And if you get to where you have to binary search, then you might as well fall back to the “works well enough” one that you were running when you installed a new one.

  3. plugins in the yum package itself

    I’m all in favor of this great idea, but might it be better to include plugins like this in separate packages? Or a library thereof? I’m imagining a future where there’s a dozen or so plugins Fedora wants to include….

    — mattdm

  4. Re: plugins in the yum package itself

    I considered it, but for the time being, I’m going to just do it in the main package. I’ll keep the chance of changing my mind later, though 😉

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