Was in Newark on Tuesday to visit with a customer. Didn't end up really making any progress on anything in the airport or on the plane rides. Spent a little bit of time with the comps file on Wednesday, but didn't get as far as I wanted due to massive amounts of mail that I had to catch up with. Yesterday and today were spent more on fixing up some things for Xen installs — if you boot with 'xen0' on your command line when you do an install, you'll now get the xen0 kernel installed and set up by default. Also, some progress has been made hopefully on getting to where guest installs will be able to work. Unfortunately, that kernel currently oopses on boot, so I couldn't really test much of what I did 😉

Weekend looks like it should be pretty busy with various things. Hopefully I'll get out for a good bike ride on Sunday since it looks like it might actually be sunny and a bit warmer.