October 24

Pretty productive day (and actually, the end of last week as well) doing some clean ups of anaconda and trying to get into better shape for being able to do installs of Xen guests. And hosts as well, for that matter.

The first step of this was cleaning up the image creation so that we don't penalize everyone with more versions of kernel modules. This ended up being pretty straight-forward and actually only has a positive impact on memory usage. Before the changes, the initramfs had 3.1 M of modules and then there were 3.5M of modules in stage2.img… switching to having all of the modules in the initramfs made that module ball 3.9 M. The smaller stage2s for text-mode ftp/http and hard drive installs had less modules, but overall, it's still a win as far as memory usage for the modules. While doing this, I cleaned up the image creation script a little bit so that I can make changes to add modules in one place instead of for every arch.

The other nice win this gives us is a relatively easy way to create a new boot.iso with a whole new kernel for people who can't boot the install kernel. davej — you now owe me tacos 😉

The other change has been adding support to the backend for selecting the “right” kernel package. This will also start getting the smp kernel installed again for people (… although I just noticed that the boot loader setup isn't right, oops). Unfortunately, I haven't really come up with a way to do this in a generic fashion, so for now, it'll have to be implemented for each package type backend specifically.

Next on my plate is looking at package selection a bit given the changes that seth worked up for me. Probably not much progress tomorrow, though, since I get to have fun with a customer instead.