3 thoughts on “373023”

  1. I find it interesting that they named it just “Alpha”. I spoke to a meteorologist last Tuesday (I’m part of Skywarn, so I run into these guys every now and then 🙂 and he mentioned that the had talked a couple of years ago and back then were going to put the 2 digit year on the end of greek letters which would make it Alpha05. This would completely avoid the possiblity that a Greek letter might actually be retired which could be a big problem if we get a big storm that does a lot of damage between now and the end of the season. Oh well, this is virgin territory after all, so can’t expect them to get everything right the first time.

  2. I read something a few months ago about the fact that they would go with just Alpha, Beta, etc if they went past 23 storms. I expect they’ll only switch to putting the year at the end _after_ they have to retire a greek letter. Which, hopefully won’t be for quite a while.

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