Planned to head back down to the Summit on Sunday but didn't quite make it that far. By the time I was ready to head down there, it was getting into late afternoon, so I figured it probably wouldn't be worth it. Went down with Kara to her parents' for dinner and also ran a few errands on the way. Returned home and watched some tv.

Yesterday morning, decided I'd join the rest of New England and take Columbus Day off. Uneventful day where it rained quite a bit. I'm thinking an investment in an ark may be in order. Didn't really do much of note, although finally got back to playing a little bit of Wesnoth and finished up the book I was reading. Now, I can get started on Son of a Witch which I picked up a copy of on Friday and not feel like I'm leaving a book hanging.

Today was back to the office and looking at various things. Had amassed a bit of a bugzilla backlog from the past week, so sat down and tried to knock that out. Crashed firefox once in the process :-/ Then, spent the afternoon looking at the Fedora LiveCD stuff (kadischi). Very much rooted in the way that stateless worked and found some ways to make bits and pieces easier… sent off the first patch, have some more in partially finished states. With luck, we can have an official FC5 live cd.

But now, I think it's time to go read for a bit. Then, tomorrow it's back to package selection. For real this time. 🙂

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