airlines are stupid

Looking at flights for a trip to Newark soon, I came across this gem for the cheapest flight…

And people wonder why the airlines are going bankrupt. I'll also note that the cheapest flights not going through Florida are $250 and go through DC. The direct flights are at about $600.

6 thoughts on “airlines are stupid”

  1. Hey, it’s just like routing packets

    All the traffic between my home machines and the ones down the street at work are routed all the way down to New York and back. To the airline, you’re just a data packet to get shuffled around. πŸ™‚

    — Matthew Miller

  2. Well, arguably, it makes sense in a perverse way. The airplane will fly from BOS to FLL whether you’re on board or not, and packing lots of people on one large plane is a lot cheaper than having few people on small ones. Sure, it’s illogical, but it’s not necessarily impractical.

  3. tried the train?

    You may want to try the Acela Express train … it will take a little longer than the flight but it’s much more relaxing. And when you factor in that you can get to the train station like 10 minutes before departure, instead of the about 2 hours for the airline, time-wise it’s pretty competitive.

  4. Re: tried the train?

    Going to look into it… was just quickly looking at flights this afternoon since it was Friday afternoon and I was needing something mindless to do.

  5. Re: tried the train?

    or take the chinatown bus for 20-25 dollars round trip and get lots of options on times πŸ™‚ (every half hour or something). I just would try not to do it during rush hour bc traffic does impact the amount of travel lots πŸ™‚

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