Fun with Xen continues. I spent a while yesterday trying to write a nice set of udev rules for the backend devices. Unfortunately, although you can run programs and do some tricks to import the results into your environment, it's really only useful if the programs you're running are explicitly written for that purpose. Which is what I was trying to avoid. So, I refactored the block device scripts instead so that the work of determining things is in the script instead of in the hotplug agent or udev rules. Arguably the more correct place, but slightly more work to do 🙂 Sent that set of patches along with some makefile hoop jumping to get things installed sanely.

Now, to go back to something I looked at a few months ago… making the drivers do things a little bit more correctly so that we can start probing and installing to domUs. Things feel a bit closer than they did last time, though. So hopefully in the next few weeks that will all happen.

Tomorrow is going to be a package selection day, though, I think…