Back from being in North Carolina for the weekend. Spent yesterday catching up with mail and bugzilla… amazing how quickly that piles up.

Today, spent some time getting a more reproducible environment for Xen testing and also trying to get block devices working again. After some prodding, it turns out that one of my problems was due to a script not getting updated when I ran 'make dist' :/ Have to love bugs which are already fixed and yet you still have to fight with. Sent a patch to try to avoid that.

Now, the big question is what to do about how to handle various distro differences. The hotplug scripts currently being used for Xen won't really work with modern versions of udev, etc. But, of course, changing to the newer will make it so that people can't use Xen unstable with an older distribution. So, some checking to figure out what setup is in use is in order. Also, there is the matter of the networking scripts needing differences between distros.

Dealing with that is on tap for tomorrow, though, I think. I also need to get back to looking at package group selection in yum and anaconda. So much to do, so little time…