Progress on getting the devel tree into shape continues. We're in better shape on some counts now with some reallly basic package selection being there and working, but I still need to be able to spend some time on making it actually useful. I think the right thing to do is going to be to prototype some group stuff in anaconda while keeping it generic to move to yum after I have it working.

Also, finally broke down and built a new machine for use at home. Thanks to some recommendations from clee, picked up an nForce4 board, an Athlon64 3000+, a gig of ram, an r300 radeon and a 250 gig SATA drive. Plus other useful bits like a DVD-RW drive, a new case and the like and it was ~ $650 shipped. Put it together on Thursday and have been quite happy with it. It's not silent, but it's really not very loud either. I'm pretty happy with it. Now I just need to clean up the clutter in my office and get things organized a little bit better. I'll probably do that today and over the course of the week. My parents are coming up next weekend, so probably should have the place in a reasonable shape for that.

Otherwise, not much going on to speak of.