He who hesitates is doomed

Middle part of the week was somewhat slow as far as actually getting stuff done. Things picked back up on Friday and I started getting things into shape for some basic package selection to come back. Groups and individual packages are now doable from kickstart again and getting the simple case for the UI (ie, without the details part) will be pretty quick from here.

The downside is that we keep breaking rawhide in a different way each day. I'm not sure how to best deal with that other than just not landing changes. But that doesn't really seem like the right answer either. The crux of the problem is that tree builds aren't instant 😉 Oh well, we'll figure something out.

The weekend has mostly been pretty laid back. Friday evening, I picked up one of the Netgear WGPS606 boxes to be a wireless bridge for my office just to make it a little bit more useful. Added benefit is that it's a print server that seems remarkably easy to set up and use, at least for Linux. There are a number of reports of printer compatibility problems with Windows, but I think the fact that I do the filtering to what the printer expects to get on the client side helps there. Now I just need to decide if I want to get a new machine to really use back there.

Yesterday started out pretty blah. The weather was overcast and drizzly (the remnants of Ophelia) so I didn't wake up to go for a bike ride. When I did wake up, it was to fun problems with a server at work. Finally got through that (with remarkably little in the way of problems). Then went through and tried to do some clean up of my office here. Dinner and puttered around in Harvard Sq for a while. Came home and watched some of the random premieres that have been recorded and took a look at Battle for Wesnoth since I've heard a fair bit of good stuff about it.

Today is looking like a much nicer day with the main question being how I'm going to get everything I want to get done finished. We'll see, but I'm definitely not getting much done just sitting here writing, so off it is for me 🙂