Busy and productive day.

Rawhide was almost installable, but alas, I screwed up in my removing stuff and was a little too aggressive. Or I forgot to remove a bit. Did some more cleaning up so that things are starting to look okay for NFS installs again. Bill did the work for getting PCMCIA working again so that should hopefully be good, too.

Also spent a while talking about package selection and some ideas for how to try to improve things for people. I think we're to something that should be a bit nicer. Hopefully I'll be able to churn away at it for a while tomorrow and get some mock-ups out for people to see and comment on. Then it's plugging things into the backend and getting things going again. Group selection should be easy enough to get going again as well as individual packages for kickstart. The more complicated thing will be the handling of optional packages within groups (eg, the current details dialog). But that will probably wait for a bit ; perhaps even until the system-config-packages replacement is up and running a little later on so that we can fine tune the difficult chunks on a running system. I'm starting to feel that having everything fall in place for Fedora Core 5 is doable, though, and that it should end up being pretty nice.