Fairly productive day today, especially for a Monday. Mostly spent a while trying to install rawhide and then fix things up as they broke. Which plenty did. Most of the fixes were pretty simple, though. Also did some tweaking so that things like install.log end up with all that we expect and other such fun items. Overall, I think that tomorrow's rawhide should be better, but it still has strong baby-eating potential. Hopefully will get some of the other install types hooked up this week and I'm hoping to at least get started with package selection.

Also finally got around to switching the HTML rendering for the release notes to use gtkhtml2 (via gnome-python2-gtkhtml2). Getting this going for the HTML release notes was a snap, the API is pretty small, simple and straight-forward. The only oddity is that you always pass it the mime type, yet if it's not “text/html”, then it's unable to be handled. After figuring that out, the creative use of some simple HTML preformatting got things working. The big thing this will add is the capability for the release notes people to use more extensive formatting. Things like nested lists, maybe simple tables and more.