The end of the week wasn't as productive as I might have liked, but got some stuff done at least. Bill landed a pile of changes to kudzu and the stack above it to somewhat change the way we handle X configuration. It also completely relegated pcitable to dead status, which is nice finally. Spent some time Friday afternoon going back and forth and fixing things up as a result. Anaconda uses a few special paths within kudzu due to our stripped environment. This tends to trigger a segfault or two most of the time when stuff changes. No real progress on the Xen issue other than checking that it's not an SMP bug. Debugging kernel deadlocks is definitely not my forte.

Have had a pretty relaxing weekend overall. Came home Friday night, had dinner and then just watched a movie. My upstairs neighbors/landlords were supposed to have a cookout yesterday, but their four month old was sick, so that didn't happen. So we went ahead and got some of our errands for the weekend done. Since I've been trying to get out at least on the weekends for a good bike ride, I picked up a case for my iRiver that should be usable while riding. Should help to keep me going at points and also make it a little less boring 😉

Today, went down to Kara's parents' place for her mom's birthday. Nothing of note there. Have also spent a little bit of time today working on a document to try to make things clearer to one of our customers about how some things work. Had a number of recurring reminders of why I hate actually using word processors for such things, but c'est la vie. I just hate having to nitpick about how the presentation of things is going to look and go through and change tons of stuff to tweak it. I'm definitely far more suited to using things like LaTeX or DocBook for any writing I do 😉

Now, to start thinking about dinner and then probably watch the new Simpsons and the new Family Guy.