Been a while since I've posted. Just haven't really gotten into it much of late. I'll try to cover some of the highlights.

Went to the Tori Amos concert in Boston with Kara a few weeks ago. It was really very good. Lots of energy and some good covers as well. Hopefully it'll end up being one of the ones in the official bootleg series. Which, incidentally, putting out your concerts for people to buy? Very good idea. There's obviously some demand for them based on the sheer amount of trading which goes on, so why not take advantage of it. Now if only record companies didn't feel the need to charge an arm and a leg for CDs.

Speaking of arm and a leg… gas prices suck. Watching the climb over the past week has been somewhat impressive. Hopefully they're stabilizing somewhat at this point. Watching some of the coverage around Katrina has been surreal, though. Especially as we were just there three months ago. In retrospect, it's a good thing we got there when we did as it's not likely to be the same for years. And while a lot of the coverage is centered around short-term impact, the long-term impact on the New Orleans area is likely to be large as well — a good percentage of their money comes from tourism and that's going to take a while to recover.

Jumping topics, got to go to a preview screening of Serenity earlier this week at the AMC Fenway. One of Kara's friends got passes through where she works, so we headed down and met up with them and saw the movie. And it rocked. Very highly recommended. When it comes out, go see it. Then, rent/buy the Firefly dvds if you haven't done so already and watch it. The only real “downside” was that we were in like the second row, so a little bit of neck soreness by the end of it.

Work-wise, been bouncing back and forth between working on some anaconda stuff and some Xen things. In anaconda-land, been trying to help nasrat get the yum backend up and going so that I can do some package selection fun. Also have been going through and trying to clean up some of the UI in other areas. For Xen, been trying to get things to the point where we can do installs sanely. And in doing so, had to make it so that debugging could be a little saner earlier this week. Thus, we now have sysrq support in xencons and I also cleaned up the problem which prevented the Xen logger from working.

I think that's probably a reasonable wrap-up… hopefully now that I've written something again, I'll get better about doing so more regularly.