Had a good, if somewhat busy, long weekend.

On Saturday, headed up to Nashua to pick up my coffee table and end tables. Since I moved up here a year and a half ago, I said I would get a coffee table “soon”. I looked some last summer, but didn't really find anything I wanted and then thought I'd be moving in January so didn't look for a while. Eventually did some looking around back in April and found something that was perfect — very simple in appearance, the proper color and very reasonably priced. Of course, they were out of stock and back-ordered until June. Rather than put a deposit down, decided to keep looking some but didn't find anything. So made it back up to the store last weekend, ordered them and then went to pick them up yesterday. And they work quite nicely. We don't really have room for two end tables as such now, but it was a package deal. And the second end table works nicely behind the couch as a table to drop the mail on and things like that. Then, headed down to the south shore to have dinner with Kara's parents and then came home and watched Dodgeball, which was far funnier than it should have been.

Sunday, headed up to Salem with davej, victoria, , and lisa. Had fun at the Pirate Museum (Yarrr!!! or alternately, ☠!) and the Witch Dungeon Museum. Also went by the House of Seven Gables, but decided we didn't want to pay $11 to get in when we could just walk around the outside. After that, headed back here where we got some Thai food and then watched Team America.

Today, relaxed a bit more by sleeping in. Piddled around the house for a while and then and nalin came over and we spent a patriotic evening eating pizza and playing video games (Super Monkey Ball 2 to be more precise).

Overall, a good weekend. Lots of mail to catch up on tomorrow as I've basically avoided it all weekend, but it was good to do so. Have a lot to get done over the next few weeks on a lot of fronts.

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  1. Aw man, I totally want to move to Boston!!!! I so miss you all, and hanging out and actually having someone to play games with (and having TIME to play games). There was a preview of the Transporter at the movie tonight and it totally made me think of hanging out with and Jo….

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