Things are starting to come together with the apartment. Did a lot of unpacking and setting stuff up over the weekend. There are a few annoyances, but that's going to be the case anywhere. Overall, it's very nice. And it's starting to feel like home with things being unpacked. Still need to go out and pick some stuff up for things like putting up pictures and some extension cords for a few places. But generally coming together.

And tonight's Family Guy was hilarious


Built Drivel for Fedora Extras tonight after writing up an article about Extras for Red Hat Magazine. I agree quite strongly with Josh about the fact that Extras is not a second class citizen. Does it need work? Sure. But that's the case for pretty much everything. And yes, one of the things on the work plan for FC5 for the installer group is the integration of yum for dependency resolution. Will we enable repositories beyond Core by default? Harder to call — it depends on how things seem to work. It will at least be an enable-able option with a command line flag.

Oh, and Fedora Core 4 will be out tomorrow. Download and enjoy. And file bugs in the usual place.


XenStore stuff is getting merged, along with Rusty's work to add some stuff to /sys/xenbus/. This should be a major step towards being able to (sanely) install Xen guests. I have a few patches for pygrub to review and hopefully get applied. Then we just need to merge up what's going to be in the Fedora devel tree and see how things go.