We're moved. There's still lots of unpacking to do, but the stuff is here and I'm back on-line.

Based on the recommendation of both Nalin and , we went with Gentle Giant as our movers and they really were quite good. Perhaps slightly more expensive on an hourly basis, but they also seemed to get things done a bit quicker than I might have expected and they just did a good job. So, I'd recommend them to anyone else looking to move in the area.

And now, it's to the fun part… unpacking everything. We got most of the living room stuff and the bedroom done last night. Plus, Kara took care of a good portion of the kitchen. I finished that up this morning and now we just need to finish with the boxes in the dining room and the office. Plus get the stuff that we realize we need now that we didn't need before. But it's definitely a far nicer place and should be awesome. We'll have to do a house-warming party at some point.

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  1. Yay I’m glad GG worked well. I just can’t get over how efficient and professional they were for our Cambridge-Cambridge move. The free boxes were nice, too. 🙂

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