Another week of progress on FC4 (and Extras). Core seems to be in much better shape and a lot of good work has been done on Extras as well. I think that people should be pretty pleased with the release. And Extras will continue to get better. For my presentation at the summit, I did some looking and discovered that we've got about 100 contributors and nearly 700 source packages now. And they'll all be ready concurrent with the release of FC4. We're always looking for more contributors and packages, so if you're interested, get on fedora-extras-list and start pitching in!

Started packing for my move last night. Ahhh, how I hate moving. On the upside, the new place will be a lot nicer. So it'll be worth it. And then, hopefully no moving for a while 🙂 I also should have things set so that I don't have much/any downtime from the Intarweb. Important for keeping up with my deluge of mail 😉

Caught up on some TV today. Watched the season finale for Alias which was quite good. Also watched the Enterprise finale which was just as mediocre as any of the other episodes I've watched.

Was going to then go for a bike ride since the weather has finally warmed up, but there was the need for a little spring afternoon thunderstorm instead. Maybe that'll stop soon so I can go out. If not, i think it's back to the packing.

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