It's been a busy few weeks. Was down in NC for a wedding a week ago, a graduation this past weekend, figuring out stuff for moving, and, oh, right… work too.

Wedding was nice. It was good to see some folks. Thanks to for providing transportation and everyone else who was around for good conversations and good times. Was nice to see the sun a bit as well. The weather in Massachusetts has been a bit gloomy… hopefully spring will show up eventually.

On the moving front, the new place is secured and the movers are lined up. It's just a matter of lining up all the other stuff now. And packing. The plan is that we're going to move most of our stuff that's box-able ourselves and just have the movers mostly deal with the furniture. It should be the most cost effective way and since we've got some time, it should work out fairly well. The new place should be a bit quieter not being on the main street and also be a bit better as far as other things are concerned.

As far as Fedora is concerned, just been banging away at bugs for FC4. There's plenty to fix and not a lot of time left. Extras should be able to go live at the same time as Core, although I expect there to be a few bumpy places there at first. For one thing, all the packages may not be quite synced across all of the architectures. I kicked off a lot of builds last night to try to help this, but there are some failures popping up that will need resolving. Next week is the Red Hat Summit at which I'll be speaking about Fedora. Probably not a lot of shocking stuff, but I'll make sure the presentation ends up on-line. After I write it 😉

Haven't really had time for Xen recently. Need to get back into that. On the upside, the boot loader changes got merged. I feel a bit bad about not having the cycles to look at the Xen Store work going on and figuring out how we really want to export information in sysfs and thinking about netlink sockets and other such minutiae. Hopefully soon.

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  1. I wasn’t really in Raleigh at all… the wedding was down on the coast so we were staying in a condo on Emerald Isle. Originally, I had planned on trying to stay for a little bit longer (so I could see more people), but it just didn’t work out with trying to move and the like 🙁

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