Another week, another big pile of bugs fixed. FC4 test3 should be live tomorrow morning, and with it, hopefully the worst of the problems for PPC installs are out of the way. I can successfully do installs, correct X configuration, auto-partitioning and setup for dual-boot on the machines I have easy access to. If you try test3 and something doesn't work, file a bug and we'll try to work through it. Hopefully FC4 will be able to be fairly nice on PPC hardware. Should also have a nice selection of Extras packages available by default.

Also, in big news, automated builds for Extras went live last week. This means that we can get Extras builds without needing Seth to do all the builds by hand. The only manual step left is signing and pushing which will remain manual. But, we should be expanding the list of people who can do that a little to help make things go a little smoother there. And since that's gone live, there have been a *lot* of builds. Big, big thanks to Seth for all of his hard work on this. And big thanks to the Extras package maintainers for bearing with us as we've gotten this going (and then jumped on the testing bandwagon and letting us know of problems and helping to work through the fixing of them). There will probably still be some bumps in the road, but this is definite good progress.

Haven't had much time for Xen stuff recently… this week, I should get a bit more into it. Got caught up with mail and the like today to be able to do so tomorrow.

Things are pretty busy for the next little bit. But, it's all for good stuff, so no real worries. And still enjoying Untold Legends.

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