Spent a lot of time last week working out kinks for FC4 test3. We're still not all the way there yet, but things are a lot further along. Hopefully this won't translate into much (if any) of a slip that's noticeable to anyone wanting to use things.

One of the things that's taken a bit of time to get better is X configuration on ppc hardware. On pSeries hardware, we've always just set things up to use the fbdev driver. But this isn't ideal due to the lack of acceleration. It also seems to not work on a wide variety of Mac hardware. So, a little bit of hacking later and we now use the native driver and set UseFBDev for ATI chips (which seems to be needed). If you have a Mac and are willing to give it a shot, download this iso, burn it to a CD, boot it, skip media check and see if X comes up. Unfortunately, results thus far seem mixed, so I'm probably going to spend some more time looking at options tomorrow and then put up another attempt. Details from this are still helpful, though.

Otherwise, just the typical release types of things — upgrades, install.log cleanliness, etc. Also, the updating of the blocker and target lists. If any of these look interesting to you, take a look and supply a patch! They're always appreciated 🙂

Sent an updated version of the bootloader patch upstream and it should be making its way into -unstable shortly. Someone else has taken an interest in it as well and has started providing patches. This is definitely a good thing.

Next, I'm going to take a look at some of what Rusty's done around the control registry and how that should fit in with the tools and with providing a useful virtual bus from within the guest VM.

Picked up Untold Legends for the PSP yesterday. Although it's just your “usual” hack and slash type game, it's still quite a bit of fun. And it's a good way to take a break and relax. In fact, on that note, I think I'm going to go play for a bit now.