Did some cleanups of the spec file for the Xen hypervisor and tools yesterday. Sent a few patches upstream for things that were being hacked around and also some fixups in preparation for starting to build for x86_64. Need to follow up and see what else needs work on the boot loader code next week so that hopefully that can land.

Beautiful day here today, sunny and about 60. Since I finally got around to getting my bike fixed, I figured I'd take the opportunity to go out for a ride on the Minuteman. And I have to say, it really is as nice as its made out to be… relatively flat and nice and clear. Lots of people were out today riding or roller blading or just walking along. Had a nice 12 mile ride. With the spring, I think I'm going to start trying to do so more regularly. I should probably also poke around and find a local group that does group rides since those can be fun as well.